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Part Medal, Part Glass

This is not our first time. Art director and writer team Jen Kellogg and MJ Deery were partners at the agency once called CKS, acquired by marchFIRST, then Razorfish, and doubtless subject to other regime changes since then. Now, we are together again as a freelance team creating branding for clients in a variety of media: identity, print campaigns, product graphics, and package design. In the digital realm, we deliver the full spectrum of a client's online presence, from site to blog to social media and online advertising.

The name, for us, represents one of life's most undeniable sweet spots. Part nerdy, part nervy, part metal, part glass. Love letters unsent, a wind instrument in a backpack, the steady clicks of a coasting bicycle in the night. We recognize that not everything from the corrective years should be outgrown. From hesitation comes thought, from humility comes drive, and perspective attained from outside the mainstream is the engine of a creative profession. The cusp is not always a pretty place to return to, but here, at the intersection of Glasses + Braces, the view from our window goes on for miles, and the air through the screen hums with the possibility of something great. Care to join us?