F iction is my first love, way first-as in Goodnight Moon first-and is what ultimately drew me to the writing table. After I attended several years of graduate workshops, my unrelenting pursuit of truth and authenticity earned me the nickname The Bullshit Detector, a title I have often fantasized about including on business cards. Here are a few of my short stories that have been published in various literary journals across the country.

Cure for Cancer

I liked it better when Dad was sick. Maybe if I'd said that instead of, He shoulda died, you never would have slapped my face, and then I might have led the unharmed life you'd hoped for...Read More »

The Three Of Us

The day my family got thrown out of the only vacation house we ever rented was my last day of childhood. It was the Fourth of July, the summer between third and fourth grade. I was crouched under the hammock in a public park pulling wild onions... Read More »


It started with words to television commercials. First I learned the catchy, sing-songy ones. "Bum-bum-bumblebee, bumblebee tuna." Then I got to the dialog. "Ancient Chinese secret, huh." And then, the questions...Read More »

Sunday Drive

Frieda sits behind the wheel of what used to be her fatherís Chevy Lumina that is now hers. He gave it to her when he finally agreed to surrender his license. Sundays, Frieda takes her father out to Old Mill road so that he... Read More »